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Dr. Sandy has inspired more than 1,000 audiences in faith-based, civic, and corporate

settings in the U.S., Canada, Australia, S.E. Asia, and Central America. She was ranked

in the top 5% of speakers with Career-Track—then the number-one

speaking and training enterprise worldwide.

Dr. Sandy’s focus and heart for faith-based groups has opened platforms such as Navaho Nation’s Victorious Women’s Conference, Christian Television Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Scenic City Women’s Network, Buenos Amigos Panama Ministries, the Federal Association of Christian Counselors, and more.

As the demand for her transformative presentations grew, Dr. Sandy established a private

practice of speaking, coaching, and consulting. Her expertise has been sought by a

diverse range of clients, including Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase, Chicago-Sun Times,

McGraw-Hill, New You Magazine, and Hospital Corporation of America, among others.

She was also her state’s first certified executive coach.


Her unique chaplaincy training and deep empathy for those in emotional pain have equipped her to connect with audiences on a profound level. Major media outlets, including FOX, NBC, and Moody Radio, have recognized and interviewed Dr. Sandy. She was featured as an executive coach on AMC TV and hosted local CBS’s Social Savvy.

Dr. Sandy is fervent about encouraging each to see their God-given purpose, talents, and strengths, overcome derailments, claim their destiny, and live in their MORE!

Psst! Here is a little secret: Dr. Sandy attended Comedy School! While she may not have been the Valedictorian, she graduated. So, be ready for an extra touch of joy and good humor in her presentations!

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